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ECL Rules to Remember

Early Learning Center's
"Ten Most Important Rules to Remember"

  • All parents must contract what days your child will be attending. Days contracted cannot be switched except in the case of a field trip or special event.
  • All contracted days must be paid regardless of sickness, absence, snow days, family vacations, or holidays.
  • Days may be added if there is available space. You will be responsible for payment for that day along with your contracted days.
  • If a field trip falls on a day that is not your contracted day, you may add the extra day at field trip cost, or you may exchange the trip day with a contracted day.
  • Payment is due in advance of services and may be paid weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or in full. A late charge of $10 will be applied when payments are not made on time.
  • Your child must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.
  • Please keep the Center informed of all changes regarding your emergency phone numbers, work numbers, or change of address.
  • A late pick-up charge of $2 per minute will be assessed after 6:00 pm.
  • A two-week notice is required for withdrawal from the program.
  • Please label all of your child's jackets, sweaters, coats, book bags, etc.
The Center requires a signed copy of these rules to be on file for each student.