Class of 2017 -- Brunswick Academy Alumni

Katherine Hill Daniel, daughter of Raymond Sherwood Daniel, Jr., Class of 1986 and granddaughter of John Douglas Owen, Jr., Class of 1967

Mason Rylands Jones, son of Sigmund Todd Jones, Class of 1984

The following are International Students at Brunswick Academy that have been housed by Alumni:

Xuanjiang (Bob) Guo, host son of Katie Link Turner, Class of 1997

William Hunter Elliott, son of Kay Kidd Elliott, Class of 1987

Shirlkay Nikole Poarch, daughter of Ron Poarch, Class of 1988

Zihua (Lesley) Qu, host daughter of Kim Williams Clary, Class of 1980

James Harrison Haislop, III, son of Melissa Harris Haislop, Class of 1991