As do all independent schools, Brunswick Academy operates without funding from city, state, or Federal tax revenues. Instead, Brunswick Academy relies on tuition income and broad voluntary financial support. This support includes annual giving, capital giving, and endowment income. Independent school parents place great importance on the education of their children and accept a major role in the continued financial well-being of their children’s schools.

Since the School was founded in 1964, parents have made voluntary financial support one of the School’s proudest traditions. Our parents join trustees, staff/faculty, grandparents, and friends of the school to make Brunswick Academy a resource-rich environment that enhances students’ possibilities for success. Parents’ gifts have enabled the us to build on a tradition of scholarship, service, stewardship, and leadership. Because these traditions are not self-perpetuating, we rely on you, the parents of today’s students, to support them.


Tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a student. At most independent schools, tuition covers between 75 and 85 percent of the cost. The remaining percentage is covered with philanthropic support generated by trustees, parents, grandparents, and faculty/staff. Brunswick Academy's Annual Fund provides annual budget relief to the entire school. We strive for 100 percent participation from trustees, parents, and faculty/staff. All gifts to Brunswick Academy's Annual Fund are needed and appreciated. No gift is too small. 


Endowed funds are funds given to invest in the future of an institution. Endowment fund principal is invested and the interest generated is then used to provide support for Brunswick Academy as needed: to increase financial aid, to enhance professional development for faculty/staff, and to build the facility maintenance fund. Strong endowments make a strong institution.