2021 Legacy Families — Class of 2021

Sixteen seniors of the Class of 2021 are children of Brunswick Academy alumni. Four of those seniors are the grandchildren of Brunswick Academy alumni.


Aaryn Moore Babb, daughter of Deanna Moore Babb, Class of 1986;  Holton Peebles Clary, son of Daryl Peebles Clary, Class of 1982;  Robert Tyler Creedle, son of Steven Hart Creedle, Class of 1990


Clyde Kenneth Greene, III (Kennedy), son of Tammy Tolbert Greene, Class of 1987 and grandson of Mary Shell Tolbert, Class of 1967;  William Hunter Greene, son of Diane Powell Greene, Class of 1989; Taylor Nicole Hill, daughter of Teresa Cannon Kea, Class of 1988 and granddaughter of Mollie Martin Tucker, Class of 1968


Meredith Paige Lucy, daughter of Jeremy Thomas Lucy, Class of 1992 and granddaughter of Gerald Watson Lucy, Class of 1967; James Russell Moody, son of Jennifer Lucy Moody, Class of 1992; Andrew Proctor Myrick, son of John Whitlock Myrick, Class of 1988


William Cole Owen, son of Mark Theodore Owen, Class of 1987 and Amy Dunn Owen, Class of 1989; Dustin Arthur Roberts, son of Ernest Purceville Roberts, Class of 1986; Naomi Rose Sadler, daughter of Herman Marion Sadler, III, Class of 1987


Reagan Elizabeth Saunders, daughter of James Carter Saunders, Class of 1982; Kaitlyn Brooke Waller, daughter of Jennifer Oakley Lynn, Class of 1992; Nelia Dawn Washburn, daughter of Daniel Fletcher Washburn, Class of 1993 and granddaughter of Keith Wilson Washburn, Class of 1971 and Joyce Edwards Prince, Class of 1972

Christian Alexandra Williams, daughter of Emmett Brian Williams, III, Class of 1986