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  • The exam schedule for 1st semester is as follows: Mon., December 17th -- Exams 3 & 6 -- Dismissal at 12:30 PM; Tues., December 18th -- Exams 2 & 5 -- Dismissal at 12:30 PM; Wed., December 19th -- Exams 4 & 7 -- Dismissal at 12:30 PM; Thurs., December 20th -- Exam 1 -- Dismissal at 10:30 AM. Students in Grades Preschool through 5th were originally scheduled to be excused from classes on Wednesday, December 19th. Now, those students in grades preschool through 5th grade will not be required to report to school on Thursday, December 20th instead of Wednesday, December 19th as they will be excused from their classes on that day. Please note this is a change!
  • On Thursday, December 13, 2018, students delivered toys to Brunswick County Social Services. Due to the outpouring of love and generosity from the BA family, the students were able to deliver just over 360 toys. Thank you once again for making this drive a huge success. The Latin Club and SCO appreciate everyone's support!

Brunswick Academy

Lawrenceville, VA

For over five decades, Brunswick Academy has provided the students of southcentral Virginia with a quality education. BA affords its students experiences in responsibility, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, creativity, leadership training, decision making, and communication skills. There is an emphasis on maintaining high standards of instruction for its students.

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Family & Tradition

We are a school that is rooted in tradition. We pride our school on being a family-oriented, Christian environment. We believe it is our responsibility to provide students with an environment where they can become good citizens who can make positive contributions to society.

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Gain an Advantage

At Brunswick Academy, we provide our students a foundation on which to build their lives. From offering dual enrollment courses at Liberty University and local community colleges, to having an abundance of extracurricular activities, there are ways for every student to excel at Brunswick Academy.