Brunswick Academy Viking Logo Lower School (K-2)

Brunswick Academy’s Kindergarten – 2nd grade initiative is to promote children’s learning and development as a foundation for future success. The early years are pivotal for setting children on a positive learning trajectory. Both research and experience have shown that when children have strong and dependable relationships with caring adults and quality early learning experiences, they are more likely to succeed in the academic setting. We take pride in knowing that we ARE building future leaders just by providing a nurturing environment that IS student-centered and positive.

Lower School (K-2)

Lawrenceville, VA

Our BA Kindergarten – 2nd grade staff strives to create a comfortable and safe environment for each child where their learning is supported.  Our students learn the academic and social skills that enable them to become independent life-long learners.  Students are assessed using a wide array of age-appropriate assignments based on in-class solo or collaborative work as well as lengthier projects and presentation.  At Brunswick Academy, we have a vested interest in knowing that we empower our young learners to be innovative thinkers, compassionate citizens and proactive leaders for the future. Yes, WE ARE BRUNSWICK ACADEMY!