Brunswick Academy Viking Logo High School (9-12)

The Upper School Curriculum is divided into three programs of study: the General Program, the Academic Program and the Honors Program.




High School (9-12)

Lawrenceville, VA

Selection of a program of study for each individual student will be made cooperatively by students, parents, and Academy personnel. Selection will be made in the spring of the year prior to a student’s entry into the 9th grade or in case of a student transferring, prior to the student’s attending classes. Brunswick Academy requires 21 credits for graduation to be completed in Grades 8-12.

The subject areas and the credits for each are listed below:

English 4
Mathematics 2
Laboratory Science 2
Social Studies 3
U.S. History 1
U.S. Government 1
Health and Physical Education 1
World Studies or World History 2
Electives 8
Total 21

For grade specific courses please see the relevant link below:

Dual Enrollment Courses

The following dual enrollment classes are offered through Brunswick Academy and Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC): English Grammar and Composition (ENG 111-112, 6 cr.), Calculus (MTH 273-274, 8 cr.), Advanced Biology (BIO 101-102, 6 cr.; lab, 2 cr.) and Advanced Government (PLS 211-212, 6 cr.) for seniors. Dual enrollment students must have a strong academic background and qualify by passing the placement test(s) given by SVCC. Students will receive SVCC and Brunswick Academy credit for successful course completion; therefore, students must pay SVCC tuition, fees, and must purchase college texts in addition to Brunswick Academy tuition and fees.

The following approved dual enrollment classes are offered through Brunswick Academy and Liberty University: ARTS 222:  Introduction to Graphic Design, CUUS 200:  Introduction to Criminal Justice, PLST 200:  Introduction to Paralegal Studies, NURS  104:  Introduction to Nursing and Medical Terminology  (prerequisite of a “B” in Biology), BIBL  104:  Survey of Old and New Testament, RLGN  104:  Christian Life and Biblical Worldview, MATH  201:  Introduction to Probability and Statistics (prerequisite of Algebra III/Trig or Honors Advanced Math at BA—LU prerequisite is Math 110: Intermediate Algebra with a grade of “C” or higher OR 520 on SAT Math OR 21 on ACT Math OR pass section 2 of online math assessment with a 15 or higher), SOCI  200:  Introduction to Sociology, and PSYC  101:  General Psychology  (“B” or above in English). Students may begin taking dual enrollment classes after successfully completing their sophomore year. Students must have a 3.0 grade point average OR two letters of recommendation from their teachers indicating their readiness to take college-level courses. Brunswick Academy has selected the “A-la-Carte” option for dual enrollment classes. Most of the dual enrollment classes are 8 weeks. The mathematics and science courses are 16 weeks in length. It is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents to check with the colleges/universities to which transfer credit is desired to make sure the courses will transfer.