V.C.C. Code of Sportsmanship

Sports exist in our schools because we assume that they are good for our students; good in the sense that they are enjoyable; good in the sense that they are educational; good in the sense that they help keep our bodies fit; good in the sense that they provide a healthy outlet for our energies.
In order for sports to remain “good” for us, we have a code of sportsmanship to guide us, to remind us, to help us conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner. The “code” implies an expectation for all coaches, players, cheerleaders, and spectators. That code encompasses a few simple basic ideas.
  • Courtesy and respect for the rules, opponents, guests and officials.
  • Enthusiasm for playing the game and modesty and graciousness in victory or defeat.
  • Fairness and responsibility to the sport, to our opponents, to our respective schools.
  1. We shall not take part in any actions that are derogatory to our opponents to the officials.
  2. We shall respect the property and reputation of our opponents.
  3. We shall refrain from using noisemakers and shall remain quiet during free throws at basketball games.
  4. We shall demonstrate good sportsmanship by shaking hands at the end of each athletic contest.
To be effective these ideas must be clearly expressed to Heads, Athletics Directors, Coaches, Athletes, Students and Spectators.
Players and Cheerleaders must be held accountable for their actions if they wish to participate.
Spectators must not be permitted to remain at a contest if their behavior is not acceptable.
All should assist in the encouragement of proper behavior at an athletic contest.
Please contact Gary Bardwell, Athletic Director at bardwellg@brunswickacademy.com if you have any questions.